Why Choose a Hospice Partners of America Care Provider?

Hospice Partners of America is Committed to the Highest Level of Patient and Family Care!

As a person nears the end-of-life, they are beginning what is often one of the most tumultuous and trying times that they have experienced.  This doesn’t have to be the case!  Understanding the options and help that are available to you during this time is crucial in ensuring a peaceful and positive life.

At Hospice Partners of America, and all of our family of hospice care agencies, we strive every day to far exceed the needs and expectations of  our patients.

When you or a loved one has a life expectancy of six months or less, that is the time that hospice care should begin.  This allows time for everyone involved to become well acquainted with the hospice team and for the patient to receive the maximum benefit of hospice care.

The benefits of hospice care are infinite.  As a mater of fact, research shows that patients who receive hospice care often live longer than those who do not choose hospice.  Additionally the hospice team is able to work with both the patient and their loved ones to determine specific life goals, and ensure that the ability to achieve these goals are provided.  Symptoms and pain can be better managed when the hospice team has the opportunity to become involved in the management of the process sooner rather than later.  Hospice Social Workers are able to work with families on any issues that may be present during this time of transition.  Spiritual concerns are addressed by a team of specially trained chaplains, and others, who are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  We make sure that we do whatever it takes when it matters most to ensure the best end-of-life experience possible.

If you have questions, now is the time to get answers.  We are here for you, and want to make sure you find the peace that you and your loved ones deserve.

Make the Time to Honor and Celebrate!

Hospice Care is About Celebrating Every Day of Life!

Hospice Partners believes in truly honoring Veterans and Serenity Hospice, a member agency of the Hospice Partners of America family, is always a shining example of superior Veteran care.

Our hospice teams enjoy the opportunity to facilitate celebratory Veteran Pinning Ceremonies, where heroic men and women are honored for their service and sacrifice to our country.  Recently it was learned that a patient on the service of Serenity Hospice was soon to celebrate a big wedding anniversary around the time of his Veteran Pinning Ceremony.  The hospice team decided to surprise everyone and combine these two special celebrations, and met with the patient’s wife to discuss what kinds of things the gentleman liked most.

After this meeting a menu consisting of popcorn shrimp and steamed veggies for her, and chicken noodle soup and slow-churned vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups for him was chosen.  The team also ordered a cake with half in honor of the anniversary celebration, and the other half in honor of the patient’s military service.

During the event more than 30 people attended, and everyone enjoyed this exciting time.  The patient was presented with a quilt, military shadow box and of course his Veteran pin, certificate and Army Creed.  It was a very emotional ceremony.  The patient said he loved everything about this day, and the Serenity Team made something special when it was needed most.

When It Matters Most

Superior Hospice Care Makes The Difference

Life is difficult and full of obstacles.  But as a member of a hospice team we work tirelessly to not let obstacles prevent patients from experiencing life in the way they choose!

A few years after moving to Texas from Northern California, a man and wife just wanted to go home when he began to rapidly decline after a diagnosis of Lung Cancer.  Quickly the couple became heartbroken when the reality of the move set in.  It was to be a 1,858 mile, 28-hour trip.  They would need insurance, housing, medical equipment, caregiver assistance, packing, moving and even a new home.  They decided it was too much to do on their own.

This is the point when a Social Worker of Alamo Hospice, a member hospice provider of the Hospice Partners of America family, began to see the opportunity to make something special happen.

Logistics were arranged including movers, transportation, medical necessities were covered and the couple was even able to purchase a home next door to the wife’s sister.

As the move date approached, the gentleman began an even greater decline which threatened to cancel the move.  The Alamo team, along with others, embarked on a herculean task and secured specialized medical air transportation which ensured the trip could take place.  Despite a few more medical bumps along the way, the couple landed in California, drove to their new home and got the patient comfortable in his bed surrounded by friends and family.

One thing we don’t do at Hospice Partners of America is give up hope, we redefine it!