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Hospice of Virginia is looking to add to our talented team of caring professionals.  We are currently seeking compassionate and caring hospice nurses.

• Self-motivated individuals with a desire to care for patients during the final months of life
• Work autonomously providing care for patients in their home environment
• Strong assessment skills required and one year of clinical experience preferred
• New & Improved Salary Structure

What is a Hospice Nurse?

Many people believe hospice is the final few days, or even hours, of a patient’s life. In reality the hospice benefit is six months of care, and sometimes longer.
At Hospice of Virginia our major focus is the ability to build relationships and provide care for patients and their families nearing the end of life.
We strive to go beyond the normal scope of the hospice benefit, and redefine hope for patients receiving hospice care. Our commitment is to do whatever it takes, when it matters most. Our goal is that no one dies alone, afraid or in pain.
Join us if you want to provide nursing care the way it was meant to be!

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Live Your Life The Way You Choose

One of our greatest assets in life is the power to choose what is best for us.  We begin to make choices the second that we wake up each day.  “Should I stay in bed a bit longer, or should I get up as soon as the alarm begins to buzz?”  “What should I wear?”

Hospice and Family
Choose Hospice, Choose Life

And believe me the choices you make matter!

All throughout life we choose how to live, where to live, who to live with and even what things give the most meaning to our life?

The most devastating aspect of a person nearing the end of life, is that we seemingly lose our ability to make the same basic choices we always have.  For example, we are now told what medications to take, where we should spend our final days, and many times we are told who will be the one providing care when we need it most.  The reality is that everyone has a choice in how to experience their final months of life.  And you should spend it doing what you love most, surrounded by the people you love most and in the place you want to be.

Hospice care provides a team of experts on end-of-life issues that will allow you to decide what is best.  You and your loved ones get to choose which hospice agency is best for you, and then work with your team to create a custom plan of care specific to your goals and choices.

Life is all about the choices you make.  Choose to live your final months with those who will always do whatever it takes when it matters most.

Understanding Hospice Care

Those things which we do not understand are most often the things that cause the most stress.  In school for example, some students dread the walk to their algebra class.  A feeling of stress and imminent doom overwhelm them as they ponder the question, “What does X really equal anyway?”  Whereas for some, algebra comes easy and stress is not a part of their journey to mathematical wizardry.  The difference – the level of knowledge and understanding.

Much more significant than algebraic equations, are issues related to health.  What treatments are needed?  How will I pay for my care?  Who will take care of me?  Will it hurt?  Will I be alone?

Hospice Care

You aren’t expected to understand everything; no one does.  However when it comes to your health understanding is crucial.  Hospice is a specialized form of healthcare which functions through an interdisciplinary team of experts who do understand all of the unique needs of end-of-life care.  With social workers, chaplains, physicians, nurses, physical therapists and more; a hospice team is built specifically to meet all of the needs of both the patient and the family.

When it comes to understanding, hospice is one of the least understood aspects of healthcare.  So many people avoid the “hospice conversation” until it is too late.  Hospice is not a place to die or even a way to die.  Hospice is a way for you to choose to live your final months.

According to recent research, seventy percent of all people would prefer to spend their final days in their own home; however, in reality only around thirty percent of patients actually do.  Making the choice to elect your hospice benefit is not making a choice to give up.  Choosing hospice is choosing how you will define your life.

Live your life without fear as your hospice team works to meet every need that you and your loved ones have during this critical time.  Your final months should be spent living your dreams, not visiting doctors.

Life is all about the choices you make.  When it comes to your health it is important that you make the best choice possible.  Hospice empowers you with the opportunity of spending quality time the way you choose, in the place you decide.  No matter what you may be facing, take control of your health and find a redefined hope for a better quality of life.